International Engineering Educator Certification Program

Curriculum* and delivery:

Consists of three phases, to be completed in at least eight months.

* Includes the key core components of the IGIP curriculum per

Phase 1
Core Modules
• C0 – Fundamentals of IT for Course Management
• C1 – The need to Innovate Engineering Education
• C2 – Fundamentals of Outcomes Based Curriculum Development
• C3 – Teaching Methods and Active Learning Structures to Develop Competencies

Theory modules
• C0 – Fundamentals of Outcomes Assessment

Practice Modules
• C5 – Harnessing Technology in Higher Education
• C6 – Faculty Communication Competencies
• C9 – Teaching/Mentoring Practice (Teaching Clinic)

• C7A – Final Project – Becoming an Education Innovator

Phase 2

Theory Modules
• C8 – Integrating Ethics Across the Curriculum

Elective Modules (to choose 3 from this list)
• E1 – Outcomes Based Accreditation
• E2 – Faculty Evaluation Best Practices
• E3 – Managing Change in Higher Education
• E4 – Effective Strategic Planning
• E5 – Developing and Nurturing Industry-University Collaboration
• E6 – Integrating and Managing the Research Function
• E7 – Ecosystems that Promote Innovation & Creativity
• E8 – Teamwork and How to Teach It
• E9 – Retention Best Practices in Engineering Education
• E10 – Developing Major Design Experience Capstone Projects

Phase 3
Project (required)
• C7B – Final Project – Becoming an Education Innovator

  • Phase 1 will be developed in a date and venue to be defined.
  • Mentoring/coaching/Q&A sessions will be scheduled during Phase 2 and 3 of the program to ensure collaboration among peers and with instructors (all instructors are required to participate, as part of their instruction commitment).
  • For the development of phases 2 & 3, the organizers will configure an LMS(Learning Management System) developed for this purpose. The participants will dispose of personal access permits and should enter it in a timely manner as indicated.
  • A Practicum Project will be required wherein students will identify an innovation project, implement and evaluate outcomes during the length of the program. A teaching portfolio will also be required for all students.
  • Students will be expected to draft a paper to be submitted to a peer-reviewed educational journal/conference.
  • Courses will be delivered through active learning (short presentations followed by some kind of active learning activity).
  • All the used and prepared materials for the course (presentations, documents, videos, etc.) can be either in English or Spanish. Such materials will be distributed among the participants but will maintain the intellectual property of their authors.
  • Lueny Morell, MS, PE, Ing.Paed.IGIP, Founder and CEO de Lueny Morell & Associates and Director of InnovaHiEd
  • Uriel Cukierman, MS, PE, Ing.Paed.IGIP h.c., Associate Director of InnovaHiEd and Director of CIIE – UTN
Other instructores (tentative list)
  • Eduardo Vendrell-Vidal, PhD, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Rosa Buxeda, PhD, UPRM
  • Wilson Rivera, PhD, UPRM
  • Harold Sjursen, PhD, NYU

Via email to 
The maximum quota for the course is of 40 participants. Parties of three or more participants from the same institution will benefit with a 5% discount.